Three very different photos of me, but each and every one of them are a representation of me. My name is Cuc Thu Phan, a first generation college student, Vietnamese born and American raised, currently aspiring for my version of the American dream.

If you’re wondering, my unique name, Cuc, is Vietnamese for chrysanthemum flowers. Whereas, my middle name Thu, means fall. Then you have Phan (insert a meaningful definition here, because I have no idea what it means, so it kills the whole sentimental value of this beautiful name my parents gave me.)

This blog is just a peek into my life, as a young empowered and well educated Asian American I have many goals I hope to accomplish. As I continue my years at University I want to create a space for myself to grow and reflect upon. I want to look back at memories that have driven me to be the person I am. Additionally, I would like to grow with the ideas and inspirations of these writings. Most importantly, I want to see myself to take my words and turn them into actions in the future. I want to document every part of it.

This is my journey…