It’s hard to let go when you are determined to succeed. Making a promise to myself, my very young and naive almost 20 year old self, to be as true as I can be. I’ve had all my life to struggle and stumble and it’s time to strap down and get cracking.

1.I need to stop being shy in class, if you’re shy dress better, so you feel better, and make some friends.

2.Get good grades, stop slacking off on social media(goodbye instagram,facebook, and twitter – if you want news read the NYT or The Hill), you can exist without it all. YOU REALLY CAN, DO IT, LOVE YOURSELF, AND YOUR GRADES, DO IT.

3.Read more, I mean this, instead of catching up on all your shows, immerse yourself in a indulgent reading that fuels your soul.

4.Take this semester and the last 3 semester as serious as can be. YOU MADE IT THIS FAR DO NOT FALL OFF THE WAGON.

5. BE prepared, whether it’s reading all your syllabus on time, filing your agenda down to the t, or asking for help. Get ready for questions and get ready to be inquisitive. You can do better, stop slacking off.

6. Don’t breathe until the semester is over, go get that 4.0. You are nothing but the best version of yourself.


Pep talk courtesy of your very motived self, after finding out you scored below average on lsat and your grades are trash, get it together.


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