Realizations – The importance beyond education

It wasn’t long ago I wrote about the confusion of “adversity” in my life. The holidays taught me a lot about myself. I came to the realization I had made that same very day. My dedication to succeess is deeply rooted in my upbringing.

Something my Dad mentioned to me over the holidays:

Nothing makes me more happier then seeing you succeed, you have gone beyond limitations. I only wished I had that opportunity growing up. Dropping out of school in the 5th grade was not ideal as I watched all my brothers get a education. The family could only afford for so many kids to go to school, I watched as my older brothers, younger brothers, and sisters attend school. For me, they sent me to grandma’s to work on the farm.

Opportunity. That was what I was given when I came to America. The ability to succeed at no given cost due to the public education system. In taking the education system seriously I fed my mind and my soul.

Support. Under all circumstances somehow I managed to have the best teachers growing up and the greatest parents. Even my uncles and aunts pushed me so incredibly hard, although, back then I thought they were too strict and mean. Everyone I knew was constantly pushing and aiding my growth and development.

Love. My parents unconditional love. I remember my dad would take me to the library on his free hours before work so I could check out some books to read. He would sleep before work and I would read for hours and hours on end. He would wash our car as I rode my bike up and down the street, eventually teaching myself to ride a bicycle without training wheels. We would drive and wait for my mom to get off of work. He would take my cousin and me to the pier on random trips so we could watch the seals. He took photos of us and recorded everything we did.


As I write this I’m starting to also see how strong and confident I am due to the constant support from my dad. Having the ability to bond with him throughout my young childhood has been one of the greatest blessings of my life. *definitely a daddy’s girl*



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