November – Doomsday – Doomsmonth – DoomsTheNextFourYears?

This month has been a emotional roller coaster of proportions. From the election to debate team to work. As I’ve gotten more time to reflect on myself and the things I’ve witnessed and experienced the more I feel enriched. The richness of life. The complexities of society. The heart of humans. The love of mom. The admiration of trust. The beauty of being in love. There is no answers to life or how your story will end. It’s a matter of trusting the process.


I, never seem to coherently make anything make sense. However, this past month has challenged me in epic proportions to make sense of things. Hillary Clinton losing the election has been one of the toughest defeat to my conscious, my soul, and my life thus far. Election 2016 has challenged me as a person and has driven me to strive forward in the battle for equality. The election has been the toughest defeat to me mentally, to believe I can live in a society with so much hate and division. This, is what will propel me to fight for the equality so many have suppressed from minorities, women, disabled people, and the LGBT community for far too long. Not believing in the policies and choices  of a candidate is one thing. However, supporting racial supremacy is not the future I want to live in.

On a less serious note, I’ve also recently been motivated by art, architecture truly. The geometrical shapes that make a room, a home. A building- a art phenomena, and a painting a story. Among the creative intellect side a deep yearning to take acting once again has been bothering me. Also a newly found love for geology.

My thoughts are unconventional, there is not poetic art in it. It’s a scatter of my thoughts and opinions.


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