the deal.


So here is the deal. You’re born and someone forgets to tell you of all the expectations that are expected for you throughout your life.

Then one day, you realize your life has been turned upside down, your life, has greater and bigger meaning. You have people you have to please, a world to conquer, a family to love.

Nevertheless, you don’t stop existing.

You still matter. However, every once in awhile your life seems so insignificant. You seem to lose meaning. You seem to forget who you are. Your reason, your mission. You get caught up in the chaos of life.

Yet, you must remember, you are worth something. Your failures do not define you, your successes aren’t the endgame, there is more, there is a journey. It’s okay to fall, it’s okay to fail. It’s okay to be rejected, it’s okay to hold your own hand when no one else is there. You can be your person.

This one failure, or these several failures don’t mean it is the end. It means that I need to pick up and move on. This means I need to be stronger. This means whatever I did, was not successful, and I need to approach it from a different angle.


Keep on working hard, keep on loving, keep on being the great individual you aspire to be. It’ll pay off. This world can be cruel, but you don’t fight back by giving up, you come back renewed and learn from the mistakes of your past.

Choose you. Choose your passion. Choose your heart. Choose to feel. Choose to try.


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