Fall in love with me…


As the hot heat of the summer simmers down, and the cool winds of fall rolls around. The trees slowly turn from vibrant fern green to soft fluorescent yellows with iridescent red tips. The mingling of warm and cool weather, the drastic shift of summer and winter is the merging of a crimson flame. The brisk sunsets and black abyss quickly takes over the summer’s festive sky. This is what I wait for all year, fall.

This season is my favorite for many reasons. For one my middle name means autumn, also commonly known as fall. Additionally, fall is the season I fell in love. Fall to me is a season of unity. A season where you can look back and reflect on the past nine to ten months of your year. A season where you can be outside without freezing to death or getting boiled by the heat. A season where so many possibilities can happen.



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